Intelligent Property Marketing
Hill & Hanover

Creative campaign for North London regeneration


Hill and Hanover commissioned us to evolve an existing brand for a scheme in Muswell Hill, whilst also creating a campaign vehicle that could segment two distinct product ranges - new build houses and refurbished apartments, to result in a cohesive look and feel that could then aid in cross selling between the two ranges.


The original and overarching brand of 'Woodside Square' was perceived locally as being that of a retirement development, due to the release of the over 55 year + tenure within the first phase of the scheme. This was therefore putting off families and professionals who formed the majority target market for the rest of the scheme. In order to aid the cross sell and minimise the Woodside Square brand exposure, we needed to create a campaign and updated branding that would raise the development's value and re-launch it to the public.


Our insight showed that literature was of local interest, from independent book shops and literary festivals to the high brow nature of the local residents. This theme was them employed as a way to appeal to a wide range of like minded buyers offering them the Modern Classic (The Avenue - new homes) or the Period Adaptation (Heritage Buildings - refurb apartments) through the combined campaign of 'No Ordinary Tale'. This theme was successfully rolled out through a new website, which leveraged the kudos of the N10 postcode rather than Woodside Square. We also carried out press advertising, targeted direct mail with a memorable inverted book to cross sell both products from either end of the booklet that then met in the middle with a strong call to action on the centre spread. The tone of vice and messaging was centred around the literary theme, with headlines and calls to action all based on famous book titles. A lifestyle video was created to support the brand and the site signage and marketing suite were also updated to create a cohesive customer journey. The profile and perception of the development saw an immediate upturn, as did the amount of leads and opportunities to convert.