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Inglis Consortiun

Placemaking for North London consortium development


We were commissioned by The Inglis Consortium, landowners of a former RAF base in Mill Hill, north London for early branding work to aid in the land sales to residential house builders. This was to then evolve into aspirational placemaking that would aid the consortium consumer sales for a cohesive customer journey.


Working with multiple stakeholders including Countryside and Annington Homes which both had a vested interest in the land sales, as well as new large developers such as Linden Homes and Taylor Wimpey joining the consortium. We had to consult and work with these developers so that they bought into the branding, which would supersede their own company brand and site specific ambitions for marketing. We also had to work with the Council for planning on way finding signage, as well as local residents who would be directly affected by this 10-year regeneration project. 


A memorable and aspirational brand that was totally embraced by the consortium developers and flexed according to their own land parcels. We created a beautiful placemaking website with our sister agency Kolab, whilst also promoting the destination via branded hoarding around the periphery of the site. We designed and produced high quality and durable wayfinding signage, consulted on Inglis' Project Office and created newsletters to aid the initial site marketing. Such was the value of the brand and the quality of the house builders that this and the site attracted, land values duly increased over time, making this one of the standout regeneration examples in London.