PRS campaign in Canada Water


Having inherited the Porter's Edge brand from our client Folio, we were tasked with creating an aspirational and vibrant campaign that captured the essence of this interesting PRS (Private rental sector) scheme. The development includes community facilities such as a Multi use games area, a podium deck with landscaped open space, as well as a resident's games room, gym and on-site coffee shop.


The challenge was to translate the thinking behind a brand mark not of our own making, and then build on guidelines that were not currently working to the client's expectations. We had to expand the brand language, evolve the photographic style and define the tone of voice. The other challenge was to break pre-conceptions surrounding Canada Water, which is often viewed as a stilted, corporate area close to Canary Wharf, when it is anything but that.


The brochure definitely captured the vibrant and independent feel of the local area, applying a consistent filter to photography that was then matched by similar warm tones within the lifestyle video. The print finishes had a ridged stock to mimic the water, as well as a shimmering gold foil. Our epic video employed up to 10 extras within the show home, as well as local establishments and tapped into social insight that we gleaned from research that pointed to a strong local appetite for Yoga, running and eating out. The target market were also depicted living a lifestyle that they'd aspire to and using social media within the film to create further engagement.