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Direct Mail should be used as part of an omni-channel approach alongside email. Where companies use digital as a way of sending expedient and excessive amounts of email, DM could be a way to speak to your existing database in a more meaningful way than just as part of a lead generation strategy to bought data for example.
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We deliver creative, strategic, design-led digital solutions for forward-thinking brands. We regularly hold events and undertake research to support our thinking. Here are some of our latest insights.

Our thoughts on Ofcom's Comms Market Report

The Ofcom Communications Market Report 2018 has just been released. Here are some key learnings for property developers and housebuilders looking to build engagement and create better connections with their customers.
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The changing face of marketing suites

New technology and an ever-evolving digital landscape means the way we consume information and interact with brands is constantly changing. So how does this impact offline marketing channels such as the traditional marketing suite? Where does a marketing suite sit within a digital strategy? And how can brands ensure it remains relevant in property marketing?
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Marketing suites in property marketing

Influencer outreach in property marketing

More and more brands are ditching traditional PR routes and instead seeking out online influencers to help them tell their brand story. For brands within the property sector, this presents a number of promotional opportunities…
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Influencer outreach in property marketing

Insight into the 2018 Marketing Summit

Matt attended Estate Gazette’s Property Marketing Summit and was able to conglomerate the many speaker’s insight into an overview of the day.
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Insight into the 2018 Marketing Summit