The role of print marketing

The role of print marketing

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How has digital media changed the face of print marketing?

It’s no surprise that, when it comes to advertising property, most businesses are now heading online. Banner ads, social media campaigns and paid Google adverts are just some of the ways estate agents and housebuilders can promote a new property. Online advertising allows businesses to personalise ad campaigns, reach specific demographics and track them using digital analytics tools. A recent survey by Which? revealed that just 6% of homebuyers now find their home in a newspaper. The survey also revealed that 43% of people find their home on an online portal, suggesting more and more companies are investing in digital marketing.

It’s clear to see that digital campaigning is king and while we specialise in helping our clients create engaging online campaigns, traditional print advertising still has plenty of benefits. Print media can help you reach audience demographics you might not capture online, it can help increase brand loyalty and (generally speaking) print campaigns have a longer shelf life than digital editorials.

Brand awareness

Many estate agents and housebuilders use newspapers and magazines to raise their profile and print advertising is a great way to build brand awareness. If you're building a new development in a local area, then targeting the local press is a great way to drum up excitement on a local level and involve the community. Tactical ads in run of paper or the rental section are another way of stepping outside of the normal approach to this channel.


Although the number of older people using the Internet and portable devices has definitely increased, there are still plenty of people left behind. Previous research from Age UK shows that over five million people aged 65 and over have never used the Internet. Another report from Age Partnership reveals that the over 55 age group in England own property worth over £1.5 trillion. With such a big portion of the market potentially missing your online adverts, print advertising is crucial to increase reach.


Digital campaigns usually have a big impact and an instant call to action (CTA) but if you want a CTA to last longer then why not turn to print advertising? Whether it’s a local newspaper left in an empty carriage on a commuter train or a property magazine left at a hair salon, print advertising can increase the chances of your message being seen, even weeks after you’ve placed it. Your print ads can also help to boost your online traffic. You can use your advert space to promote your website or create a CTA that drives people online.


Print advertising offers a variety, so you can use it to promote different campaigns in a range of stand out sizes. Full page ads, double page spreads, advertorials and gallery box adverts are just a few examples of the way you can use print to advertise property. So whether you have a big campaign you want to advertise with lots of copy, or you want to make an impact with imagery, you'll find something to suit. online. It's about standout, doing something away from the norm and creating enough intrigue to send consumers online to explore more.

So, what’s the best approach to property marketing? A combination of print and digital media to maximise your results! If you use the right mix and you know your audience, this approach will produce great results. To chat to us about how we can help with both your print and digital advertising needs, contact the team today and watch this space for further developments.

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