The rise of garden villages

The rise of garden villages

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Nearly 50,000 new homes will be created this year through new Garden Village initiatives.

There’s no easy way to fix the UK’s housing crisis. Demand is high, there aren’t enough homes and the recent Redfern report revealed that lower salaries and credit restrictions are pricing many younger buyers out of the market.

The demand for new homes and the shortage has been publicised during the past few years and it’s safe to say that demand is still booming! Experts have predicted that 300,000 homes need to be built every year in order to combat the shortage of homes available in the country. That’s a lot of property! But the year has started on a positive note and it looks like some good progress will be made in 2017, with a new wave of Garden Villages set to be built.

Garden Villages offer more than just new homes
The government recently approved 14 bids, providing £6 million in funding for new Garden Villages, with over £1.4 million set aside for the towns they’re being built in. These new communities are set to create 48,000 new homes - yet still the tip of the iceberg on the overall annual target. Garden Villages are being built across the country including Buckinghamshire, Devon, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Essex and Northamptonshire.

Garden Villages are distinctive places and villages in their own right. They provide new homes and community facilities such as green spaces, schools and good transport links. They act as an extension of the towns and villages they’re built in and they protect and build on the existing community that’s already in place. For housebuilders promoting a new Garden Village, this is a key message to get across. We regularly work with our clients on placemaking schemes and focus on destination marketing, bringing new communities to life through digital and print based channels.

Arborfield Green
We created the marketing materials for this new development in Wokingham, developing and conceptualising an overarching theme. We developed the ‘Surround Yourself with Happiness’ concept to demonstrate that Arborfield Green offers its residents a whole new way of living. We developed an illustrated brand mark to align to the natural environment and produced the host brochure, online collateral and hoarding to introduce this new community to existing residents in the area.

Tadpole Garden Village
This new Garden Village in Swindon combines the very best of town and country living. It offers its residents a sustainable, healthy way of life and has a shop, a school, a public house and a nature park. We created a destination brand, which aligns with the ‘new ruralism’ theme and the urban amenities and countryside location. Our creative team developed a bespoke typeface and imagery, which reflects the lifestyle balance on offer.

The design and delivery of a Garden Village
In both cases, a strategic phasing plan was established early and the names and look and feel for the phases cascaded down as part of wider brand guidelines. We have also seen the ability to embed the brand within the public realm to leverage and leave a legacy within the place. The use of infographics and breaking down the unique selling features of the developments were also designed to convey a sense of size and scale, as well as long term opportunities for capital growth and local inward investment.

Garden Villages seem to capture the imagination of consumers in terms of design, its historical ethos, as well as the attention to detail that elevates these new builds development above many that are often perceived by the public as small and boxy.

So often these schemes have a wide range of product available, so a fully segmented approach leveraging the design, spec and lifestyle attributes is key to engaging the audience.

To find out more about our placemaking schemes and how we can help you create a sense of place, contact our team today. Watch this space for further developments.  


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