Emotion Empowers

Emotion Empowers

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It’s become a kind of mantra for us, but study after study has proved that consumers buy with their heart and not their head - particularly when it comes to property.

This might resonate with you, but have you ever gone to get the feel of a place? Have you ever reflected on the feeling you got when you saw a property for the first time? Have character and kerb appeal ever motivated you to bust your budget or consider a move whereby you even compromise on location?

As marketers, tapping into this feeling or a raw emotion is key to getting cut-through, peaking interest and speaking to the consumer on their terms. Yet when we say emotion, what do we mean?

Shiny happy people

It’s easy to say emotion empowers and then simply show a stock image of a happy smiling couple holding keys to their new home. Those days of doubling down on the cheese factor are luckily behind us, but how do we actually employ emotional drivers?

Playing to emotions is not just a way of just eliciting dualistic feelings of happiness or sadness. Emotion can be so much more nuanced and when layered with more rational reasons to buy, this provides a compelling argument that speaks to both sides of the brain, the heart and the gut instinct too!

Nobody wants to market sadness, unless you’re a charity for example, but even then the response they are trying to pries is one of empathy and understanding. To that point, if your brand is empathetic to the plight or frustrations of the buyer, then they will see you as authentic and trustworthy.

Trust issues

Building trust has been a perennial issue for housebuilders over the years, so any way that you can allay fears through education that breaks down barriers to entry and speaks to someone in a pre-defined tone of voice will work wonders for emotional engagement. Tone of voice is a whole other blog in its own right, but this representation of the brand through the way it speaks or sounds can be dialed up and down according to the audience and their needs. So whether you wish to sound corporate and experienced, or knowledgeable, but fun, flexing the tone will allow messaging to still strike an emotional chord.

Want to know more about trust and trends around the Corona crisis? Take a look at our article around Conscious Consumption within our Lockdown Lowdown Report here, as what you do now, or not do now, as a brand can have long lasting effects on your customers.


Instead of playing up to sadness or fear, build a fear of missing out, sharing the collective joy of other like-minded customers for that augmented customer advocacy and create true belief in your brand. With brands such as Trustpilot so often being the go-to for consumers now before they make a purchasing decision, what they say about you is key. Who knows, it may even be time to pay for testimonials rather relying on free PR…

Emotion should be at the heart (pardon the pun) of your brand’s narrative; so all consumer touchpoints should be that perfect blend of product and lifestyle. So be it image, video or call to action, each should pull on the heartstrings as much as the purse strings in terms of soliciting sales.

Harness the power of emotion

So as we all ease out of isolation and you start to open the doors to your Marketing Suites, now is the time to play to people’s emotions as lockdown will have been a time for reflection as to what ‘home’ stands for and what it should therefore provide as a bare minimum.

Harness the power of emotion and speak to the team today.

Emotion Empowers
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