Be a part of the next YouTube sensation!

Be a part of the next YouTube sensation!

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Vlogging is not just about opinions. It’s about influence and it’s about community. It can be an echo chamber or an open forum. Either way, for certain demographics, vloggers are the new ‘A’ list personalities, securing book deals, music deals and more off the back of spoken word. Yet, when it comes to property marketing to a demographic so engaged with vloggers, is there a way in?

Last month we reported that a survey from Affilinet found that buyers aged 30 or under are five times more receptive to purchasing a product online that’s been endorsed or reviewed by someone with social influence.

Such is their level of authenticity and close relationship to the consumer, the vlogger becomes a trusted friend to the viewer, recognising their personality traits, humour and subtleties far more than you would with a personality on TV. It’s akin to getting to know a radio DJ over a number of years.

The fit has to be right for both parties

It’s no good tipping your toe in the social space and reaching out to a vlogger without a convincing business case as to why your brand is aligned in the stars to match their own brand story. The question should therefore be, is the influencer right for the target market and are their values and aspirations aligned to yours?

Is the vlogger local to your development, or do they have an affinity to the area in which you are building? This adds to the layering of authenticity and almost gives them the right to speak on your behalf in the customer’s eyes.

For example, we recently contacted some interior design vloggers with the notion of designing a show home and then being able to leverage their audience as part of the wider promotion. They saw it as a great opportunity to work with a company that was more commercial and mainstream than their usual commissions, whilst also providing content to their audience on how to dress a more mainstream product. The developer on the other hand, would maximise reach as part of a soft sell.

This is not to say influencer marketing should replace all forms of the marketing mix, but could certainly play an important part in a socially driven campaign with less reliance on more traditional forms of media, be it out of home or press.

Influencers don’t have to be vloggers

Are you looking to differentiate by working with the influencer? Or are you simply looking for a brand amplification? The National Housing Federation recently employed Reggie Yates as a spokesman for Shared Ownership Week and yes he was paid to do the job, but he had a direct empathy with the cause and threw himself into the project, embracing interview opportunities and promoting the event as an authentic young voice.

Click for details as to our award winning social media work for Paintworks or view our article on influencer marketing. Speak to the Key Property Marketing team today about engaging and amplified campaigns and watch this space for further developments.

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