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How a changing industry affects marketing

Following our recent roundtable lunch regarding how a changing industry affects property marketing, we gleaned great insight from our guest speaker Lawrence Bowles of Savills’ research team. Lawrence pointed to future trends and the table discussed how they might affect marketing and consumer sentiment.
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Lawrence Bowles of Savills at Key Property Marketing lunch


We deliver creative, strategic, design-led digital solutions for forward-thinking brands. We regularly hold events and undertake research to support our thinking. Here are some of our latest insights.

You've got mail

Direct Mail should be used as part of an omni-channel approach alongside email. Where companies use digital as a way of sending expedient and excessive amounts of email, DM could be a way to speak to your existing database in a more meaningful way than just as part of a lead generation strategy to bought data for example.
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Man opening a letter

What makes an effective and award-winning campaign?

The $64million question, but having won the Grand Prix at this year’s Property Marketing Awards for Fish Island Village, we’re arguably more qualified than most to say. Yet at our recent roundtable lunch event, we ate humble pie and invited the PMA to tell our guests instead, merely facilitating a wide-ranging and hugely informative discussion.
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Photo of Key Property Marketing Roundtable Lunch

The Golden Age of Communities

Following our recent Roundtable Lunch on Garden Communities with a guest speaker from the Homes & Communities Agency, we round up the findings and report on the Ministry's plans to expand a network of communities across the country.
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Be a part of the next YouTube sensation!

Vlogging is not just about opinions. It’s about influence and it’s about community. For certain demographics vloggers are the new ‘A’ listers, so is there a way for property developers to leverage their influence?
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A logger being filmed