"Retirement living" needs a re-think

By 2025, 20% of the UK population will be over 65 (14.3 million people).  The over 65s own a combined £800 billion of housing equity and require real, alternative residential options in later life catering for their unique needs. 

So often in marketing, developers follow the herd. They do things the same because that’s how they’ve always been done, or how their customers like to be communicated to, right? Our job is to challenge these assumptions within the market, but not just to prove a point, or disrupt for the sake of making some undue noise... 

We have a depth of understanding surrounding the consumer, which bears a number of key insights, which themselves challenge the status quo and assumptions made. 

Join us for our Roundtable Lunch where we will share these insights and how the findings are not quite what you’d expect - what is the role of digital and social in understanding the retirement sector, is anyone doing it well, where do the opportunities lie? How can brands differentiate and attract this discerning and widely misunderstood sector? 

We will delve into who the target audiences actually are, where they consume their media and how their own perceptions of retirement living might differ from industry assumptions. Intrigued? 

Sign up today and join a conversation as to how retirement living should be reinvented…

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