Placemaking: winning hearts and minds and creating communities

As part of our placemaking series

It's time to challenge the status quo - it's no longer enough for the housebuilding industry to simply create aspirational and exceptional places to live in and love. Today's consumer expects and deserves more.

In the latest in our series of roundtable discussions on placemaking, we look at the question of 'what makes a home, place and space?'. What is the consumer's perspective, and do they value the extraordinary? And what does this mean for us?

There are huge commercial advantages to gain by not just following the herd. Where will the future take us in regards to live, work and play? Traditionally, the high street has been the epicentre of our lives, but as online shopping is taking over from in person shopping (clicks not bricks!) is this too is changing the environment we live in? What do you need to consider in this time of change?

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