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Gone are the days of the rolladex, index cards and binders of applicant data and that's not due to GDPR folks. We’re now operating in a multichannel sales funnel that thrives when we treat people as individuals and cuts through all of the other marketing messages that are seeking to grab their attention. 

Technology in the sales process moves on a pace with CRM systems leading to greater ways of segmenting relevant and personalised messaging. 

What started with HTML emailers is now moving into life-like CGIs and film. We will be exploring the benefits of personalised video as part of a structured CRM, so often seen within the automotive sector and now in the property too. 

Video is powerful as part of your marketing mix and boosts click through rates on average by 200%, this mixed with personalisation enables the recipients to imagine themselves in the video and feel the message you are sending out is uniquely meant for them. 

It is after all story telling and we all know that power of a story and how a story improves stickiness. 

This lunch and learn discussion will help you to understand more about tech and how you can create more effective and contemporary campaigns. 

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